PA 12 fine powders for other coatings applications



Rubber surfaces

VESTOSINT® fine powders are used to coat rubber profiles for the automotive industry. The spherical particle shape and the low coefficient of sliding friction with glass reduce the energy needed to open or close windows. Instead of flocking, coarser powders are scattered on adhesive while finer grades may be added directly to the paint.

Wood paints

In wood paints, VESTOSINT® powders improve abrasion resistance and are used as a textural additive. The combination of VESTOSINT® fine powders in different colors creates interesting pepper-andsalt effects.

Crosslinkable powder paints

VESTOSINT® fine powders are also used as an additive in crosslinkable powder paint systems. They improve elasticity, impact strength and abrasion resistance. Depending on particle size distribution, textured surfaces can be designed.

Packaging foils

Approved both in the European Union and the USA for food-contact applications, and for contact with drinking water, VESTOSINT® fine powders are excellent for use as spacers in such applications as aluminum packaging foils. They also reduce wear of the rollers in foil manufacturing.


The main fields of application of minicoating include the coating of brassiere parts and component coating for the electrical and automotive industries. The principle of minicoating is similar to that of fluidized bed sintering. Hot (small) parts drop into a VESTOSINT® powder pan in which the powder is kept in suspension by vibration or air. As the parts fall, the powder sinters to the metallic surface. Subsequently, the objects are conveyed out of the VESTOSINT® container in a vibrating trough and the surface is further smoothed, no matter what the shape of the articles being coated.