VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 powders for metal coating

As a coating, VESTOSINT® powders protect the surface of metals, help create fiber composites, and when used as an additive, improve the properties of paints. By virtue of the good mechanical values and high chemical resistance of polyamide 12, the powders are used wherever high quality is required.

VESTOSINT® powders, which are manufactured from the base polymers in a technically demanding process, feature many physical, chemical and electrical properties that make them perfect for coating metal parts. The coatings are applied in the fluidized-bed process, or by flame spraying. VESTOSINT® coats

  • wire articles, such as dishwasher racks, shopping carts, and patio furniture
  • components of water systems and
  • the automotive industry, and
  • other components, such as printing rollers, slide rails, clips and even fencing masks.

VESTOSINT® retains its exceptional properties even at extreme sub-zero temperatures, thereby providing outstanding protection—including an anti-corrosive shield—for the surfaces of an array of applications. Up to about 500 micrometers, the protective action increases proportionally to layer thickness.