Thermoplastic matrix for composites

Polyamide 12 (PA 12) fine powders are well-suited for use as the matrix of thermoplastic composites made of glass or carbon fibers. Unlike thermoset materials, they remain shapable, and can be wrapped, pressed, woven, and so forth.

Combined in several layers and compressed at temperatures above 200° C, fiber composite plates produced with PA 12 powders produce moldings that combine high strength with light weight. In contrast to thermoset moldings, they can also be reshaped later. Waste material can be chopped up and reprocessed as a filled thermoplastic by any current method for plastics processing.

Fields of application include the automotive industry, the sports industry, and orthopedics.

Composites with polyamide 12 as a matrix should be processed at lower temperatures than those with a high-temperature resistant matrix such as PEEK and HT-PA. The advantage is shorter cycle times.