Environmental compatibility and safety

At Evonik, sustainable development is an integral component of business processes, with economic, ecological, and social factors also being taken into account in corporate decision-making.

Environmental compatibility and safety of VESTOSINT® powders

VESTOSINT® powders are non-toxic, not subject to labeling under the hazardous materials regulation and are not water-polluting. They can be disposed of in land-fills or incinerated as normal household waste in accordance with local ordinances. The EC Safety Data Sheet for VESTOSINT® provides further instructions.

If VESTOSINT® powders are properly processed, no hazardous by products are formed. Cadmium-containing pigments are not used at all.

VESTOSINT® powders are combustible. At mass temperatures above 350 °C, flammable gases are formed by degradation. Combustion with sufficient air supply yields CO, CO2, H2O and nitrogencontaining compounds as end products. Since the spectrum of cracking and combustion products greatly depends on the combustion conditions, it is not possible to make any general statements here.