Let’s texture! Evonik brings structure to coatings

A surface with a stone look? Entirely possible, with wrinkle coating based on VESTAMELT®, a polyamide 12 (PA 12) copolyamide coating additive, or polyamide 12 powder VESTOSINT® from Evonik.

Be it with a stone or ceramic finish, in sand yellow or natural gray, Evonik’s PA 12 VESTAMELT® or VESTOSINT® powders transform drab surfaces into decorative or functional structured elements.

The coating additives can be integrated into hot- and cold-curing coatings in solvent-based as well as aqueous systems. Surfaces treated with coatings based on VESTAMELT® or VESTOSINT® have high flexural strength and elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance; they are also less susceptible to soiling and easier to clean. The powder particles have a shock-absorbing effect and protect the surface from cracking.

For high-end structured surfaces

With VESTAMELT® and VESTOSINT® powders, Evonik brings structure to coatings. The fine powders act similarly to impact-resistance modifiers in plastics. Both are ideally suited for use in coil coating, where the coating is initially applied to metal sheet that is then shaped as desired; in this process the coating has to withstand enormous stresses.

The average particle size of VESTAMELT® and VESTOSINT additives is between 5 and 60 micrometers. To achieve unique surface structures, a combination of different powder particles can be used in a single application. This means that there are virtually no design limitations on structured surfaces based on PA 12 powder coating additives from Evonik.

Textured coatings - Experiencing a renaissance

Textured coatings have been experiencing a renaissance for some time now. Textured coating enjoyed a boom about 30 years ago, when it was once used for car dashboards or facade elements. Architects and designers of furniture and jewelry quickly appropriated the elegant textured surfaces for their own purposes, using their unique appearance and pleasant feel in design objects such as lamps and furniture, and engineering components. Today, textured coating adorns among other facades and roofs.