VESTOSINT® fine powders in coil-coating

Aluminum and steel strips coated by the coil coating process are fabricated to their final form by back-end processing such as stamping, bending and deep-drawing. For this reason, the paint systems used must satisfy the highest mechanical standards.

VESTOSINT® and VESTAMELT® powder particles in coatings act as impact absorbers and prevent the surface from cracking. They work in much the same way as impact modifiers work for plastics.

In coil coating lacquers, the powders

  • create a uniform finely textured surface that can be modified by using different polyamide particle size distributions,
  • produce satin gloss due to different refractive indices of polyamide and coating resin,
  • show very good resistance to soiling which is important for coatings in external architectural use,
  • and provide very good abrasion resistance.

The coatings contain no other matting agents that can decrease weathering resistance and elasticity.

The abrasion resistance is improved by the chemical bonding between the polyamide particles and the coating resins. This prevents the powder from being rubbed out.

Polyamide-reinforced polyester or polyurethane paints are especially suitable for roller-type shutter profiles. The incorporated polyamide particles guarantee an excellent formability of the metal sheet into the shutter profile. Due to its outstanding abrasion resistance, the coating is suited for long-term use in shutters.

Textural coil coating of appliance goods, for example coating of cases for entertainment electronics in dark colors, is another example where abrasion resistance is important.

The addition of VESTOSINT® and VESTAMELT® to polyester melamine or polyurethane lacquer formulations allows for the perfect, blister-free application of coil coatings with higher layer thickness (high-build primer, thicker top coats).