A wide range of equipment for development projects

Evonik has produced high-performance polymers for over 40 years, and is renowned for its expertise in powder technology.

Our philosophy is to do more than just sell powder. Our comprehensive customer service is a key to your success. Working in partnership with you, we develop systems for technically challenging surfaces:

  • We advise on the selection of the optimal coating process.
  • We offer consulting services for optimizing coating systems with our powders.
  • We provide technical support, and
  • Assistance with permitting procedures.


Optimal support through years of experience

Whether we use conventional or newer coating processes—because of our many years of expertise in application engineering, we will help you find the solution for your requirements or develop new solutions based on the demands of the market.

In addition to pulverizing mills, our powder pilot plant contains the following coating technologies for your specific development areas: 

  • Fluidized-bed coating
  • Minicoating 


We use an array of methods for material and surface testing, including the standard physical tests that cover the current requirements of the various international standards, as well as additional tests that exceed these requirements.

Powders for special requirements

If, because of special requirements such as high temperature resistance or the highest possible wear resistance, VESTOSINT

powders are not the optimal coating material, Evonik offers powders based on the high-temperature polymer VESTAKEEP

PEEK. For further information, please follow the link in the margin.

Questions on application-related problems or a new development? Talk to us!

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