VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 for powder coatings

VESTOSINT® polyamide 12
fine Powders - An additive for coating formulations

VESTOSINT® stands for polyamide 12 high performance powders for various coatings applications

VESTOSINT® fine powders have been used as paint additives since 1980. Different particle sizes and particle size distributions of VESTOSINT® fine powders can be used individually or in mixtures. By integrating the polyamide powder into the paint system through functional groups, our customers can influence the structure of surfaces with extreme precision—coating a variety of substrates, for example, with abrasion-resistant, highly elastic paints.  VESTOSINT® fine powders create a textured, matte surface, and improve surfaces through - Increased abrasion resistance

  • Increased elasticity 

  • Reduced soiling

  • Reduced friction

Let’s texture! VESTOSINT® brings structure to coatings


Paul-Ludwig Waterkamp

High Performance Polymers