Better Service through E-Technology

With our High Performance Polymers, we frequently offer our customers solution-to-customer products, which can be developed only in close cooperation between you and us. The objective of our e-business activities is to strengthen and support this cooperation by:

  • streamlining order and communication processes,
  • having information ready for you around the clock, and
  • enhancing the relationship on both sides.
  • obtain information on the status of your orders, rapidly and reliably,
  • change orders directly without the need for additional phone calls and faxes, and
  • send us your orders within seconds and with the minimum of mouse-clicks, and
  • view, print or download documents relating to orders, such as invoices, safety data sheets, and analysis certificates.

Currently we can provide the information and facilities described above only to the European customers purchasing our products directly from Evonik. If you have not yet gained access to the system, please register on the OnlineOrderManagement page.

Our e-commerce solution

offers you an additional information and sales channel over the Internet. We invite you to check out the advantages for yourself. We hope that this user-friendly application will make it simple for you to