Electrostatic coating for eco-friendly corrosion protection

Electrostatic coating is used in almost all areas of corrosion protection and decorative metal coating. Thanks to a production process unique in the world, all VESTOSINT® powders have excellent flow and fluidization properties, which ensures good and homogeneous electrostatic processability.

For electrostatic coating, VESTOSINT

powder is electrostatically charged as it exits a powder gun and sticks to the grounded metallic piece to be coated. The piece is then heated to a temperature above the melting point of the powder (approximately 176°C), causing the powder to fuse into a smooth, non-porous plastic film.

Electrostatic coating is an environmentally friendly method of surface finishing because the entire coating process is executed solvent-free and creates no toxic substances.

In contrast to coating with thermosets, VESTOSINT

polyamide 12 powders do not crosslink, and the coating retains its thermoplastic character.