VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 for powder coatings

VESTOSINT® fine powders in coil-coating

Aluminum and steel strips coated by the coil coating process are fabricated to their final form by back-end processing such as stamping, bending and deep-drawing. For this reason, the paint systems used must satisfy the highest mechanical standards.

The addition of VESTOSINT® fine powders to coil coatings appreciably improves such properties as elasticity and abrasion behavior. Depending on the particle size distribution, either smooth or textured surfaces are formed. Examples of application on steel surfaces are strips for manufacturing cases for electronic equipment, such as audio or video equipment. Roller shutters are made of aluminum coated with paints containing VESTOSINT®.

An impressive example of a polyamide-reinforced coating is the King Shaka Airport in Durban, which opened just in time for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in May 2010. A total of 12,000 liters of coil coating material in a neutral shade of grey were used in constructing the airport's facades and roofs made of steel. This coating material contains VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 fine powders as an additive, which ensures an abrasion-resistant, highly elastic structure.


Paul-Ludwig Waterkamp

High Performance Polymers