VESTOSINT® - Customized polymer powders for 3D printing

Evonik has developed and produced special plastic materials, which allow for the industrial production of high-tech components in using 3D printing technologies for years. Polyamide 12-based powders VESTOSINT® convince with their high quality and processing capabilities, and the property profile of each powder is perfectly matched to the respective 3D printing technology.

For over 40  years, Evonik has been producing polymer powder materials. The specialty chemicals company has a well-known competency in  polymer and powder technology - in  development, production, applied technology  and service.

Evonik’s portfolio includes a number of polymers and additives for various 3D printing processes; however, the High Performance Polymers Business Line focuses particularly on further development of the polyamide powders. Due to their mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and high fusion point, they are ideal for currently available sintering processes and will become more important on the market.

new technology to shape plastic materials

3d printing is based on the principle of the layer-wise build-up of a structure by combining powders, fluids, filaments, sheets, or binders to form a part. In general, the process can be characterized as follows:

  • specification of a three-dimensional model in the form of CAD data
  • no use of molding tools
  • generative build-up; molding occurs not by removal of material, but by applying itany desired geometry
  • offers freedom of design

Evonik has many years of experience in developing and processing products that lend themselves specifically to new 3D printing processes. Based on CAD data sets, 3d printing generates complex components through the layerwise application of polymer powders, filaments, fluids, binders or other suitable materials.


We boost the chemistry of high-performance materials for 3D printing to improve the quality of life.