VESTOSINT® coatings for wire products

Its optimized particle-size distribution makes VESTOSINT® powder particularly well suited for non-porous coating of wire products, as do attributes such as abrasion resistance, impact resistance, approval for use in food-contact applications, as well as its durability and ease of cleaning. The coating dampens noise and makes the world more colorful: VESTOSINT® fluidized-bed powders are available in an array of colors, including metallic-effect colors. They are used on dishwashing racks, shopping carts and baskets, shelves, furniture and in the sports industry. And the coated surfaces have a lot to endure:

The new generation of dishwasher baskets is decked out in shining style: VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 fluidized-bed powder is available in an array of metallic colors. The brilliant surfaces of the coated dishwasher racks are impervious to hot detergent solution and permanently abrasion resistant. They are also shock absorbing and noise dampening. Thus, dishes are preserved and protected, the coating will provide long-term reliability.

For outdoor furniture, high weather resistance and low-temperature impact strength are a must. VESTOSINT® provides park benches and patio furniture with brilliant stainless steel-, aluminum- or copper-colored surfaces while effectively protecting them against corrosion.

The permanently flawless VESTOSINT® coating also ensures that the view through the protective fencing mask is not disturbed. Here, the material scores big mainly because of its impact strength, which prevents small fragments from spalling off during a duel, and therefore prevents potential eye injuries. In addition, thanks to its mechanical strength, the VESTOSINT® coating contributes to the rigidity of the tight mesh of the mask. It is washable and resistant to fats and oils on the skin, sweat and saliva, as well as body care products. Because the material acts as an insulator, the coated masks are suitable for fencing with electric scoring equipment.

Abrasion resistance plays a crucial role in the coating of shopping carts: In experiments simulating actual use, almost no traces of abrasion were observed on VESTOSINT® coated shopping carts after 250,000 test pushes with a full mineral water crate.