Coating of Technical articles and other small parts

Technical articles

Because of their numerous excellent properties, VESTOSINT® powders are used for coating in many other industrial applications. Some of these include

  • Printing rollers, where the chemical resistance of VESTOSINT® is in demand. 
  • Gasoline pump handles, which benefit from the material’s thermal conductivity and solvent resistance. 
  • Hydraulic cylinders require mechanical strength and wear resistance. 
  • Hanging file holder rods or fasteners must be particularly abrasion resistant.

Gloss white

The textile and undergarment industries place high standards on the surface texture of the metal parts they use. For these applications, Evonik offers its fine powder VESTOSINT® 1184 white with enhanced gloss and whiteness, specially developed for the minicoat process. Surfaces made of this powder have a gloss value that is more than 20 units higher than that of customary VESTOSINT® coatings. The absolute value, measured at an angle of 85°, is approximately 95 gloss units. The whiteness (L* value) is increased to nearly 97.5. Of course, neither washing nor detergents and cleaners have an impact on the surface. The coatings are also resistant to skin substances, such as fat and perspiration, and are non-allergenic.